Pinwheels for PAIL

Pinwheels for PAIL


Blowing wishes of hope and support for the 37,000 families who experience Pregnancy and Infant Loss in Ontario each year

Since we started the first Pinwheels for PAIL campaign in 2015, over 2000 pinwheels across the globe are blowing wishes and memories of our babies in the wind.

Regrettably, one in five pregnancies end in loss, and approximately 37,000 Ontario families experience this tragedy each year. PAIL Network has developed this awareness tool to assist the families we support through their grief journey.

To learn more about Pinwheels for PAIL, please send us an email at 

2017 pinwheels for PAIL campaign

Our 2017 campaign has now ended. Thank you to everyone who ordered pinwheels this year.

Untitled Poem

Love is like the wind
You can’t see it
But you can feel it
When the wind blows
Know that I am near