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Did you see me mommy and daddy, the other day flying by?
I was that beautiful little black and yellow butterfly.
I saw that you were smiling, and breathing in the air.
I am so happy mommy, you are okay, even though I’m not there.

I thought I heard you whisper, there goes my little Sam.
And if I could mommy, I would have told you who I am.
But I am to watch from a distance, but never let you go.
Just as you still hold me, I can feel it you know.

I miss you my dear mommy but flying is so fun.
I know you see me with them, too, as my siblings run.
I will forever be your angel, which could only stay a while.
But I will fly beside you, every step, and every mile.

I know just because you are happy, that I am still loved so much.
I hear every word you whisper, and feel you yearning for my touch.
But mommy here is where I am needed, watching you from sky.
Sending you hope and happiness, sprinkled down from up high.

I am still with you dear mommy and I know you watch for me.
Here and there I will flutter, every now for you to see.
That I am alright as well and I am forever a part of you.
And when you whisper “I love you”, I will whisper back too.

©Kerri-Anne Hinds – For Sam Feb 2, 2010