We know it hurts. We are here to help.

To access our support services (at no cost to families), please complete our request for support form and our coordinator will contact you within two business days to discuss support options.

How we can help

We offer a variety of peer-support services (at no cost to families) to parents and family members who have been affected by pregnancy or infant loss. Our support services are offered in-person, over the phone and online, and are available to residents of Ontario.

Resource library

Peer support programs

Grief is as unique as the people who experience it. PAIL Network offers support through peer-led support groups and one-to-one peer support. Learn more.

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Peer Support Programs

Stories of loss

Read stories of loss

Whether you have recently experienced your loss or it happened some time ago, it can help to know that you are not alone. Read stories of loss, or share yours with our community.

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Resource library

Resource library

Our resource library contains a number of publications and websites that can help you through the grieving process, and can help you access extended support. Learn more.

Resource Library
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International & National Resources

Memorial events

Memorial events

We hold a number of annual memorial events to acknowledge and validate the importance of a baby’s short life, and to facilitate the mourning process. Learn more.

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What you can do

If you have experienced the loss of a pregnancy or infant, it may feel like nothing will ease the pain. Below are some tips that bereaved families have found to be helpful:

  • Allow yourself to focus on your needs
  • Gather memories and mementos of your baby (pictures, hand and foot prints)
  • Name your baby
  • Spend time with your baby
  • Plan a remembrance ceremony
  • Give yourself time

What friends and family can do

  • Listen
  • Use the same vocabulary surrounding the loss as the bereaved parents
  • Help with the care of living children the couple may have
  • Recognize that grief has no time limit
  • Provide the bereaved family with the time and space needed to grieve
  • Remember and talk about the baby
  • Remember the baby at the holidays and anniversaries
  • When possible, use the baby’s name
  • If you don’t know what to say, you can say “sorry for your loss”