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Helpful/Hurtful: Families Talk About Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Each year in Ontario, approximately 38,000 visits to emergency departments are recorded related to early pregnancy losses and their associated complications. Approximately 1300 babies are stillborn and 600 babies die within their first year of life. That’s one baby, one family, every 5 hours. Pregnancy and Infant Loss (PAIL) Network asked families to share about their experiences receiving services and support from professionals during this time.

In Three Words: Families Talk About Pregnancy After Loss

Using three words, PAIL Network asked families to describe their experience of a pregnancy after a previous loss. This video will help professionals understand what some families think and feel during this time.

The Impact of Memorial Items

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss: What Families Teach Front Line Workers About Caring for Them and Their Babies

Health and service professionals are likely to encounter families who are experiencing pregnancy and infant loss or who have pregnancy or infant loss in their history. The care professionals provide makes an impact on families, both positive and negative, often long beyond the initial interaction. Using feedback from families based on their own lived experience, in this webinar we will explore the impact of pregnancy and infant loss on families and strategies to support skilled and compassionate bereavement care in your practice and workplace.

This video is provided with permission of Canadian Virtual Hospice