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Education for Professionals

Building Trusting Relationships

PAIL Network has prioritized in person visits to Indigenous communities, whenever possible. These visits will consist of listening and learning from each other, information sharing, and hosting events, such as beading workshops. We will seek opportunities to co-host these events with Indigenous organization and communities, and look for ways to continue these visits as we demonstrate out commitment to equitable support for families experiencing pregnancy and infant loss.

To read more about the communities visited in 2022, please read our Indigenous Initiatives: 2022 Report.

If you are interested in organizing an event with PAIL Network in your community, please contact PAIL Network’s Special Projects Coordinator at pailnetwork@sunnybrook.ca 

Education for Healthcare and Service Professionals Working in and with Indigenous Communities

We are providing education for healthcare professionals through presentations. These presentations have been adjusted to include the work we have done and plan to do in terms of support for Indigenous families and professionals in the coming years. These presentations include our Lunch and Learns, bereavement care and education as well as Indigenous outreach presentations.


Indigenous Outreach Report 2021

PAIL Network Indigenous Initiatives: 2022 Report

Bereavement Checklist

Power of Cedar

Water Teaching

Significance of Cedar Tea

Why Do You Smudge

Moss Bag

Indigenous Regalia

Indigenous Regalia – Jingle Dress Dance

Indigenous Regalia – Woman’s Northern Traditional

Elders/Healers/Medicine Person

Traditional Healing Resource

For more pregnancy and infant loss resources for professionals please visit our Professionals Resource page. 

For more information on our Compassionate Care Workshops please visit our Opportunities for Education for Professionals page.

iPad Pilot Program

We have learned that some families may not have the hardware needed to join our online support groups. In response to this, we have collected, repurposed and are distributing PAIL Network iPads to professionals across Ontario who support Indigenous families.

If your organization is interested in participating in this program please contact PAIL Network’s Special Projects Coordinator at pailnetwork@sunnybrook.ca