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Please mommy and daddy, don’t cry, do not be sad.
Treasure the time how ever short we had.
I miss you too, but I can feel your love.
Even up here flying, like a little dove.

I know it seems scary, and you feel all alone.
No one can ever replace me, I was your own.
Your sadness means I was loved every day.
Though you can’t see me, beside you I lay.

It takes so much courage, for you to go on.
I know our time together, wasn’t very long.
But you now will be stronger for knowing me.
It will be okay mommy and daddy, you will soon see.

In the times that are hard, remember I am here.
Never far from you watching; always very near.
It isn’t fair we have to live so far away.
But don’t worry; I hear everything that you say.

I am with you with every step that you take.
Sending reminders I love you, for your sake.
I grew in mommy’s womb but then slipped away.
Instead now forever in your hearts I will stay.

©Kerri-Anne Hinds – For Sam ~Feb 2, 2010~