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Everything in life was going as planned and I guess seemed too perfect. My husband and I had gotten married and started trying for our first a couple months after. We found out we were pregnant on April 21st, 2022.

My whole pregnancy was going great until the morning of August 27th. I woke up and noticed my underwear was soaked and I started to feel what was contractions. I met with my midwife at the hospital and it was confirmed by an OB that I was already 5-7 cm dilated and was in labor. My cervix had failed me and opened up. What they have diagnosed me with was an incompetent cervix. It is important to not deny cervix checks.

My mom was with me the whole time at the hospital since we went to the hospital thinking it was just an uti infection. I was moved into my own room for labour and had my husband, mom and dad by my side. We tried to prolong labour has much as possible but we knew we had a choice to make in the end. My husband and I chose to go the comfort route when our baby was born and allow us to have time with him once he was born. Our boy was born alive, heartbeating for 4 hours. We were able to hold him, kiss him, sing to him and make all the promises to him when he re joins us down here on earth.

Our strong boy, Sarvin Singh Bhalru. He was born at 8:28pm on August 27th 2022 at exactly 22 weeks and 1 day. He was 1 lb and 11 inches long. Sarvin had very strong muscular shoulders, big feet like his mama, fingernails and hands like his Dada. To be honest he was an exact copy of my husband. My handsome boy.

I love and miss you so much my Sarvin 💙

Suminder Bhalru