• Administration Volunteers

    6 Lessons

    This course has been developed for Peer Led Facilitator Administrators who will be managing the group’s email account.

  • Peer Led Facilitator (group and phone support) Training

    16 Lessons

    We are delighted that you have decided to be a Peer Led Volunteer with PAIL Network. The training that follows will help you understand the theory behind the activities you will be doing as a volunteer supporting bereaved parents. It is important that you read the material carefully and answer the questions at the end of each module.

    This course should take approximately 10 hours. You are welcome to work through the materials at your own pace.

  • Volunteer Orientation

    5 Lessons

    The Volunteer Orientation Training was developed with all volunteers in mind including day of events volunteers, peer led support volunteers, leadership and prospective board of director members.

    PAIL Network volunteers are both the face and the backbone of the organization. As a volunteer you will need to have a basic understanding of the underpinnings of the organization. The following training course will provide you the necessary tools and basic understanding of PAIL Network.

    You are welcome to work through the on-line training at your own pace. It should take approximately 30 minutes of your time to work through the five lessons within.